Making Time to Write

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People always make time to do the things they really want to do.

Many of us rarely have big chunks of time to get started writing, so often we don’t start at all. But there are so many ways to begin spending time writing your novel, short story or magazine article that there’s no excuse for not starting at all.

If you don’t have a big block of time to get your writing done, you might consider using small blocks of time, including using some of the tips below. It has been said that there are three sure ways you can get writing done: Find the Time, Make the Time, Steal the Time.

Buy a micro-cassette recorder and talk your writing into it. when you have time, translate those random thoughts into coherent sentences and paragraphs, and then into your writing project.

Don’t check your email until late in the day, after you’ve put in your writing time. Email is very disruptive and eats up time that can be better spent writing.

Turn off your phones or refuse to answer them. A good answering machine can take your important messages and you can return calls later.

Put on some favorite music, especially classical, to play while you write. Music will help you focus and drown out background noise. Some people say that classical music stimulates creative brainwaves.

Don’t fiddle with the radio when you’re stopped in traffic. With a pen and paper always in the car, you can spend 10 minutes writing while you wait for a train to pass or traffic to speed up again.

A trusty notebook will also come in handy if you spend 15 or 20 minutes waiting in the dentist’s or doctor’s office, or standing in line at the deli counter. You could write a basic query in 20 minutes.

Ignore the television and the internet. Both can gobble up precious writing time. Turn them back on days later, for just a short while, when you’ve reached a goal in your writing.

My favorite way to make time to write: I make an appointment with myself. When I’ve set up the day and time, that appointment is just as important to me as a doctor or dentist appointment. I’ll make sure I’m in front of the computer and ready to write on time.

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