Mr. Magazine And His List of “25 Notable New Magazines”

A site that I visit often is because I think it is the prime information source about magazines. Mr. Magazine is Dr. Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi, School of Journalism. He’s also Professor at the School of Journalism. I first heard of him in the early 1980s when I was in Journalism school at what is now the University of Memphis and I’ve been following his work ever since.

Right now on his site I found his list of “25 Notable New Magazines from The Last 25 years.” He says the magazines are “the new blood that runs through the veins and arteries of our industry.” Many times we hear that people are no longer reading magazines but his list of 25 that are still being published seems to cut that idea short.

I know that some magazines have gone out of business, but others spring up and take their places. People are reading magazines. I’m delighted about that because I really like writing for magazines and I hope to continue doing so in the future.

I’m familiar with most of the publications on his list of 25, but there are several that I’ve never read before, including Wizard which came out in 1992. Dr. Husni says that before comics were a pop culture craze, “Wizard has been dishing out all the information about anything and everything comic related.”

There are several other new ones for me, including Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concerns that debuted in 1998. “Magazines like McSweeney’s show that the magazine buyers in America are hungry for unique, quality products,” Husni says. “You won’t find a more innovative magazine on the newsstand or a more devoted readership.”

All You first came out in 2004 and Husni says it’s a great partnership between the country’s largest retailer and one of the country’s largest magazine companies. “All You shows that it doesn’t have to be difficult to find customers where they are.”

And then there is Relish, which started out in 2006 with a circulation goal of 6 million. Now it has a circulation of about 15 million.

Husni says he dedicated his list of 25 magazines to “individuals who have been saying we are publishing in vain and that magazines are a soon-to-be-extinct medium. They were wrong 25 years ago and they are still wrong and will continue to be wrong.”

If you want to read the entire list, go to the Mr.Magazine site here.

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