How Editorial Calendars Can Help You Sell Your Work

Editorial Calendars — are you using them to help sell your writing? You should. They are great tools to help in targeting your article ideas.

The calendars list specific topics that the publications will cover in the coming year. Even though the calendars are made up for advertisers so they can plan their advertising budget for the months ahead, at the same time they give writers a view of which publications to target with article ideas, and when.

That “when” is a valuable help. Most publications prepare their editorial content several months before each issue appears. You can take advantage of that fact by sending out your queries four to six months ahead of their publication schedule. And that schedule is in the calendar.

Most print and electronic publishers produce an editorial calendar every year. I usually start looking for them for the next year in early September and October. And no matter what kind of publication you’re targeting, you can probably find its calendar on the Internet. 2011 looks like a great year to search for the calendars.

Last fall, I searched on Google for “2011 Editorial Calendars” and hundreds of them turned up. They covered every kind of publication you can name, including popular magazines, association publications, trade journals and more.

You can also contact a publication and ask for a copy of their calendar. Publications send them out to advertisers (and prospective advertisers) all the time, but it’s so easy to find the calendars on my computer that I prefer going after them that way.

It’s really helpful to rely on the calendars in my marketing efforts. Try it. I think you’ll soon call them your new best friend.

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