How to Spice up Your Creativity

Way back in 2007, I wrote a post beginning this way:

A pack rat? Guilty. I admit it. I’ve been a pack rat for years. But I don’t hoard everything. No old newspapers, balls of string, or useless items for me. I hoard articles about writing. My treasures are magazine clippings, some yellowed with age, stored in manila folders, labeled and ready for me to read at will. The clippings that I’ve saved for years have been an education in writing. They’ve taught me nearly as much as my four years in Journalism school.

Now, several years later, I’m still hoarding and still learning from what other writers have written. Today I was scanning an old writing magazine and came across an article, “Forum for Thought,” that got me thinking about creativity. The article contained a copy of a 2002 post by James A. Ritchey that caught my eye:

For me, spicing up my creativity means getting away from the computer. I try to meet a new person each week, and I try to go to new places whenever possible. A flea market; a county fair; a play; a little league game; a political dinner; a mountain man convention. And wherever I go, I make it a point to get into a deep conversation with someone I’ve never met. People love to talk. All you have to do is be willing to listen.

And I try to do new things whenever possible. Bungee jumping, learning to crochet, riding a bull at a small rodeo — anything that’s new and different, exciting or mild.

It doesn’t take much of this to spice up my creativity and make me eager to get back to the keyboard.

Just reading his post is enough to glue me to the keyboard. His are all great ways to spice up my creativity and they make me eager to start writing again. And just one of them — a deep conversation with someone I’ve never met before — seems like a great way to get ideas for articles.

How about you? Do you have any tips or quotes for spicing up your creativity?

Please leave a comment.

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