They Held The First-Ever National Magazine Day and I Missed It

As a magazine junkie, I am distressed to find out that they held the first ever national magazine day last week and I missed it. That event took place on February 27 but I didn’t know about it until yesterday, when I dropped by Mr.Magazine’s blog and found “’Attack the Stack’ Ushers the First National Magazine Day.”

I always learn so much when I go to the site of Mr. Magazine (Samir Husni). According to him, the organizer of the First National Magazine Day is Kevin Smokler, a San Francisco writer who hopes it will become an annual holiday event. Mr. Magazine includes this quote from Smokler’s website:

On Saturday, February 27th, ordinary folk across America (like you, like me) will spend the day ‘attacking the stack’ or reading their way through the unread magazines they’ve accumulated. If you’re a big goody-goody and read your magazines straight through the moment they arrive, you may spend the day at your local library/bookstore/university exploring new periodicals, discussing your favorite magazines with friends, tweeting your favorite articles. As you wish.”

Considering the number of unfinished magazines on my office shelves (and in my living room, bedroom, etc.) the event would have suited me just fine. According to another bit from Smokler’s website, it is “a celebration of magazines and attacking the stack of unread titles piling up next to your bathroom sink.” And no matter where we live, he wants us to

invite friends over and rummage through each other’s stacks (of magazines). Spend the day reading at your local coffee shop or library. Mulch your magazines and construct a giant papier-mache wildebeest. It’s up to you. The idea is to spend the day having fun and forming community around a shared love of magazines.”

I’ve already marked the day on my 2011 calendar so I won’t miss the event next year. Although I’m nowhere near San Francisco, I figure I can be there in spirit to celebrate the day. Mr. Magazine sent congratulations to all magazine lovers on finally having a day they can call their own. I add my own congratulations.

You can read more about the “1st Ever National Magazine Day at The Booksmith.”
at Mr. Magazine’s blog on his website, and on of Kevin Smokler’s website.)
There’s also an interesting interview with Smokler here.

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2 Comments on “They Held The First-Ever National Magazine Day and I Missed It”

  1. Lisa says:

    Ever think about electronic versions of magazine subscriptions? Backpacker has a very nice service that has extra perks (articles, reviews, etc) above and beyond the actual magazine content itself (for FREE) AND….it doesn’t clutter my living room, only my inbox….just a suggestion…

  2. ldaley says:

    Those are good reasons for going electronic but I have another reason for favoring the print version–I can take a print magazine along with me when I go to the gym…I get lots of reading done while walking on the treadmill…..And I don’t mind the clutter–I find lots of interesting things amid the clutter when I do get around to clearing things out.

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