A Look at Grit Magazine Today

Yesterday one of my favorite ezines, Writer’s Weekly, helped me reconnect, in a way, with an old friend, Grit Magazine. In my early freelancing days, Grit bought a number of my articles, and those clips led directly to my getting a part-time university media relations job (plus many feature articles in the school’s publications and lots of other great experience). So Grit holds a special place in my career memories.

In those days back in the 80s, Grit bought articles about small town people and their interests. Now it has morphed into a different kind of publication, focusing on topics of interest for those living in rural areas, on farms or ranches, or those interested in the rural lifestyle.

According to the guidelines published in Writer’s Weekly, Grit is

“looking for useful, practical information on livestock, gardening, farm equipment, home-and-yard improvement and related topics. We also offer some nostalgia articles in each issue — what it was like living on the farm in the Great Depression, how the family kept the peace during holidays, etc.”

Payment varies from $75 for short, newsy articles for Grit Gazette to $750 or more for long feature articles. The magazine negotiates with writers individually rather than paying per word. You can find the publication on most large newsstand.

The complete guidelines are here.

I’m going to spend some time with those guidelines because I think I’d like to submit again to Grit. It was a good experience writing for them.

I’d like also to put in a plug for Writer’s Weekly. I’ve been getting the ezine in my inbox for some time now and I’ve added some recent clips from varied publications to my portfolio as a result. You might want to go take a look at Writer’s Weekly, too.

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