Found: Another Helpful Website for Writers

Today I came across another great website for writers. I found it to be very helpful for freelancers; I think you will too.

WordCount–Freelancing in the Digital Age is the brainchild of Michelle Rafter, a reporter and blogger who regularly covers what’s happening at newspapers, magazines and Web-based news organizations. She launched the website last year to chart how digital media is changing what is news and how we write about it. She also writes about the art and science of writing and how to run a freelance writing business.

Here are just two examples of what I found valuable at her site: “10 things a freelance writer can do today to feel better about the economy and your place in it,” and “10 things J.K. Rowling taught me about writing.”  I’d like to cite one item from each post.

From No. 6 in the first article:

“Go through your contacts. Look at your Rolodex, Outlook, LinkedIn connections or Facebook friends. Reach out to any who’ve taken a new job or moved to a different company to say hi or reconnect. Not every communication has to be specifically about work, but you never know when a sample “How’s it going?” could open the door to an opportunity.”

Here’s the first lesson she learned from J.K. Rowling:

1. Persistence counts. Rowling got the idea for the Harry Potter in 1990 and spent 17 years working on it before finishing in 2007. Seventeen years — that’s as long as it takes to go from kindergarten through high school.

The takeaway: You may start out loving a project but the day may come – days, weeks or months into it – you’re so bored, frustrated or fed up you want to scream or put it away forever. But look what can happen if you gut it out.”

Whatever your writing interests or your level of experience, I suggest that you go take a look at Rafter’s website. I think that you, too, will find it a valuable help in your writing business.
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2 Comments on “Found: Another Helpful Website for Writers”

  1. Laurie PK says:

    Hey, Laverne, you changed your blog! Cool.

    Thanks for this — I LOVE the JK Rowling idea, that it took from kindergarten to grade 12 to be a successful writer. Writing is hard work, and success certainly isn’t achieved overnight. It’s good to be reminded that we have to be persistent if we want to achieve great things….

    Take care,

  2. ldaley says:

    I thought it was a great idea too, Laurie, as were all the others in Michelle’s posts. Her website is a fine example of writers helping writers, I think. Good to hear from you again and thanks for your comment. Laverne

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