Want to Break into Healthcare Writing? Here’s Help

Although I’ve done some healthcare writing (articles, brochures, news releases, etc.), I’m too much a generalist to claim a niche in that arena. Other writers, however, have no such limits. Today I happened upon a healthcare website that just might lead me to take another look at that specialty.

On her website, health writer Kathy Summers says you can “Have a sick amount of fun and make money writing about health.” And she shows you how.

Kathy’s writing about health, nutrition, fitness, and environmental health has appeared in national and international magazines, including Reader’s Digest, Prevention, Health, Natural Health, Men’s Health, Shape, Alternative Medicine/Natural Solutions. Plus, she has written books for Rodale and HarperCollins and SEO content and copywriting for websites and international companies.

Healthcare writing can be a lucrative field. I know that health care copywriting starts at $50 per hour and up (often way up), and 2,000 word articles can bring in from $250 to $4,000 and up. I’ve not done any healthcare writing for international companies but from what I’ve read, the pay is all over the place. On the low end, some web content writers, especially beginners, sell their healthcare writing for $1 per article or less; others earn decent amounts for writing about healthcare for the web.

If you are at all interested in doing healthcare writing, you might start by checking out Kathy’s “Health Writing Basics.” Don’t fail to read “Write Health Articles for Magazines” and “Write Health Content for Websites.” Also look for the “Health Writer Toolbox.”

It’s an interesting website to visit. I think you will not be disappointed.
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