Possible Markets for Your Work: 13 New Publications

Whenever I go to Barnes & Noble, I am struck by the fact that new publications appear on the newsstand almost every week. That’s a remarkable thing, I think, especially in these tough economic times.

After returning from my most recent trip to B&N, I checked out Mr.Magazine.com, my favorite source of information about new publications. I wanted to see what Samir Husni, Ph.D., — Mr. Magazine — had to say about the newest arrivals on the magazine scene. This week I found that he presented information about 13 new magazines, along with his impressions of some of them.

The new publications range from Natural Cat, a new addition to the family of pet magazines, to Fighters Only, a British martial arts and lifestyle magazine, to Gulf Coast Wine+Dine, a Southern hospitality magazines covering Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

If you go to Mr. Magazine’s website, you can find details about these three and the other 10 publications he spotlights this week. They include Rebel Ink, “a tatoo magazine with attitude;” plus a magazine to devoted to the Mambo Scene; a Jiu-Jitsu magazine; a new music publication called Blurt; a New York focused magazine, Prestige New York, that launched in Singapore nine years ago and now is available the U.S.; a publication about loft and condo living called Loft Life; Guitar Aficionado Magazine; a French art and artists magazine called Technikart Paris-NewYork; a new Marvel publication about super heroes called Wolverine Magazine; and Marie, a publication focusing on mixed-media art.

Some of these publications could turn out to be paying markets for your freelance work. You might want to check them out now and get a jump on the competition.

© 2009 by Laverne Daley

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