Writing for Parenting Publications

One of my favorite ezines, Writer’s Weekly, comes into my email inbox every Wednesday. In that ezine, I always find up-to-date writing information that is helpful to me as a freelancer. This week, I learned more about parenting publications in an article by Julie Engelhardt.

Anyone who wants to write for parenting magazines should like the article, “Paying Parenting Market.” Julie has been writing for magazines and newspapers for fifteen years, including national publications. Julie says that she has found it easy to work with editors of regional magazines and that writing for regional parenting magazines can be very rewarding.

Some writers find their comfort zone writing about hard-hitting news, but my home is writing about where to take family day trips and how to keep kids healthy, as well as reviewing children’s books.”

In the ezine article, Julie details information about 10 parenting magazines. You won’t get rich writing for parenting publications like these, but if that’s a niche you enjoy, don’t fail to check out her article. You can read it here.

Julie is based in central California. She has been published in Family Fun Magazine, Babyzone.com and in regional publications, The Wave, in San Jose, CA and 65 Degrees Magazine, in Monterey, CA. She can be reached at jengelha@aol.com.

Also at Writer’s Weekly you can find regular departments for Ask the Expert (the subject this week: “What Rights Did I Give Up?”) and Paying Markets and Jobs for Writers (I’ve sold a number of articles to publications I first learned about here).

In my opinion, Writer’s Weekly is an excellent resource publication for freelancers. That’s why I’ve been a long-time subscriber.

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  1. Barkha says:

    Thanks so much for such valuable information!.

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