Writing Profile Articles

I’ve been intending for some time to post an article about profile writing. Profiles are one of my favorite writing specialties and editors seem to love them. I’ve written scores of profiles and I’m always looking for another person or business to write about.

This week, when I came across Lori Russell’s article, “The Scoop on Writing Profile Articles: Anatomy of a Profile,” I knew I had to call your attention to her article (and to get busy writing my own profile article).

You can find Lori’s article at Writers on the Rise. It’s a very good piece that presents the basic structure of a profile article. She’s also written “The Scoop on Writing Profile Articles: From Idea to Query.” You can find that one at Writers on the Rise, too.

According to her bio, “Lori has written profiles about people, their passions and their places for more than a decade.” I believe we can all learn from her experience.

Stay tuned for my own article about writing profiles — hope I can get to it soon.

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3 Comments on “Writing Profile Articles”

  1. Lori Russell says:

    Thanks for mentioning my column posted on Writers on the Rise. I’ll be writing about profile articles throughout 2009. I look forward to reading what you have to say on the subject.

  2. You’re very welcome, Lori. I’m delighted to learn you’ll be writing more about profile articles all year. I think profiles are great fun to read and to write. So I’m looking forward to reading everything you write.

  3. Inka says:

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