Want to Sell to In-Flight Publications This Year?

In case you’re hoping to sell to one of the in-flight magazines, there’s a helpful article in the January 2009 issue of The Writer.

Ty Treadwell, who wrote the piece, “Writing for Airline Magazines,” has sold more than 100 articles to magazines, newspapers and Web sites, including many travel markets.

His specific advice for anyone aiming at in-flights is right on target: study the market, follow the rules, consider contributing front-of-the-book pieces for an easy way to break in, and know what not to do.

It’s especially important for freelancers to know how the publications differ and how you can use that information to your advantage. He says:

… just because most in-flights contain a similar mix of travel, business and general-interest features doesn’t mean they all present the material in the same fashion.”

Along with tips about topics that in-flights are now covering, he also provides a sampling of guidelines for some of the magazine.

If you’re serious about selling to in-flight publications, this article will be a must-read for you.

© 2009 Laverne Daley

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