Late with Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Usually by mid-December, I have a definite action plan for my writing for the coming year and some tentative writing resolutions in mind. But here we are, finishing up the first full week of 2009 and until yesterday, I’d made no resolutions at all. Nevertheless, help soon appeared.

Every Wednesday, the freelance writing ezine, Writers Weekly, comes into my inbox and that’s where I found “Thirty-One Writing-Related Resolutions” by Melissa Mayntz yesterday. My lucky day!

I’m happily adopt several of Melissa’s resolutions as my own. Number 5, for instance — Subscribe to a new writing newsletter or magazine or choose a publication in a field you frequently write about to stay up on the latest trends. That’s a winner since editors are often looking trend pieces.

Then there’s Number 8 — Think Outside the Border: Thousands of magazines, newsletters and newspapers are published in every country — think outside your nationality and send an idea to a foreign publication. That one is easy since I’m already familiar with the newsletter of Worldwide Freelance Writer. Among other resources, Worldwide Freelance provides writing markets from USA, Canada and around the world.

Closer to home, Number 23 looks promising — Get Local: Investigate local and regional magazines, weekly newspapers and other markets that would love to feature a hometown writer. Early in my freelancing career, I was lucky enough to sell articles to lots of local markets. Those editors are great to work with and always welcome my queries. It’s great, too, when local friends see and comment on my work in local magazines.

If you’d like to see all 31 resolutions, you can find them at Writers Weekly and at Melissa’s website. If you go to her website, be sure to read every word of her bio. The story of how she left her teaching job and built a career as a writer and editor can be a model for others who want to become successful freelancers.

Melissa’s work can be found on more than 30 websites and amounts to more than 1,300 articles on topics as diverse as theme parts, weddings, cruises, kids, swimwear and frugal living. She also provides creative editing services to authors and small publishers.

Melissa says she enjoys experimenting with new markets and unusual topics. Who knows what’s next for this prolific freelancer!

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2 Comments on “Late with Your New Year’s Resolutions?”

  1. Melissa says:

    Aw, thanks for the fabulous review, Laverne! I know I’ll be adopting some of my own resolution suggestions as well — particularly to get organized and get my time under control; days are so busy what with, LovetoKnow, and my newspaper assignments. I’m glad you found my story worthwhile (what writer isn’t at least slightly narcissistic), and I’d love to keep in touch with you. Cheers!

    — Melissa Mayntz

  2. ldaley says:

    Melissa, I think your path is one that would-be freelancers would do well to follow. Sounds a lot like my own, although I didn’t start out as a teacher. But our drive and our determination to succeed are much the same, I think.
    I’ve linked to you on my Blogroll so I can keep in touch with what you are doing. I’d be pleased to have you link to my site, too.
    My best to you.

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