Meeting An Old Friend Again — The Writer’s Yearbook

Have you seen the 2009 Writer’s Yearbook yet? I picked up a copy last week and as expected, the issue is chock full of goodies for freelancers.

When I first see the Yearbook on the newsstand every December, it’s like meeting an old friend with whom I’ve shared lots of good times. I’ve been reading the publication as long as I’ve been freelancing and it has been almost as helpful to me as some of my freelance pals have been.

For me, some highlights of the 2009 issue (in addition to the usual 100 Best Magazines & Book Markets for Writers) are:

1. “Six Rules for Freelancing Success” by Jenny Rough (, who has written for The Washington Post, Self, Mothering and Whole Life Times.

2. “What Agents Hate,” in which literary agents vent about Chapter 1 turnoffs.

3. “The Syndication Blues” — Lisa Abeyta discusses the odds of landing a nationally syndicated column.

4. Sharlene Martin’s eye-opening article on “Query Madness,” with actual examples of real life queries writers used in approaching agents. After reading this article, you’ll know what not to do.

5. I was drawn to “Publish Your First Book After 50,” not because I’m trying to publish a book (although I hit the 50 mark many moons ago), but for future reference and the good practical advice Scott Hoffman includes in his article.

I was also eager to read the annual list of “101 Best Websites for Writers” because it’s always great fun. I zeroed in on five sites with links of interest to freelancers. I’ve written about these five on this blog before. They are great resources for freelancers:

Funds for Writers

Freelance Writing Organization– International

The Urban Muse


This year, Writer’s Yearbook received more than 2,100 nominations for sites to be included in the 101 Best Websites of 2008. The publication is now accepting nominations for next year’s list.

If any of you find “Words into Print” valuable and would care to nominate this site for 2009, I’m be most pleased to be nominated. Just send an email with your comment and nomination to with “101 Websites” as the subject. The deadline is January 1, 2009.

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