Digital Media and Print Magazines: The Future

The December issue of Writer’s Digest is now out and in it is an intriguing article about the roles digital media and print magazines will play in the future. “The Future Now” debates whether print magazines will survive, or even thrive, in the next century.

The two viewpoints are presented by Bob Sacks, who runs Precision Media Group, a private consulting firm (he’s also a columnist and lecturer who regularly speaks about the media and marketing industries), and Samir Husni, Ph.D., chair of the journalism department at the University of Mississippi and author of the annual Guide to New Magazines, Launch Your Own Magazine and Selling Content.

In his segment, “It’s a Digital World Now,” Sacks notes that while we are not headed toward a totally paperless society, we live in a digital world now and it’s not going to go away. “The speed and efficiency of the future is here right now, and it’s accelerating at an unprecedented and perhaps even uncomfortable rate.”

In Dr. Husni’s segment, “The Death of Print Magazines and Other Fairy Tales,” he argues that the magazine media are alive and kicking, citing last year’s launches of 715 new magazines. That’s an average of nearly two new magazines coming into existence each day.

As a freelance magazine journalist, I try to keep up with every bit of potential market information I can find, both digital and print. One way is to make regular visit to Dr. Husni’s website at and his blog,

For digital information, Bob Sacks publishes a daily enewsletter, “Heard on the Web: Media Intelligence.” His website is at

I appreciate both their viewpoints, and I especially liked Dr. Husni’s positive outlook about the future of magazines. I enjoy reading magazines and I like writing for them.  And while I apapreciate the speed, scope and convenience of digital media,  I hope that magazines will be around for many, many years.

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One Comment on “Digital Media and Print Magazines: The Future”

  1. Peggy says:

    Well, if more mags more toward using recycled paper, I think it’s ok. But usually read online anyway.

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