Here’s Help for Lazy Writers (or Those Who Need Discipline)

If you haven’t yet discovered The Adventurous Writer, you might want to take a look. I happened upon the site this week and right away found a most helpful post, “Top 10 Tips for Lazy Writers: How to Increase Your Writing Discipline.”

The site belongs to Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen, a full-time freelancer who has contributed to Reader’s Digest, Woman’s Day, Spirituality & Health and MSN Health, among other publications. You’ll find lots of worthwhile information on her site.

In “Top 10 Tips for Lazy Writers,” she says you’ll increase your writing discipline with at least one or two of the motivational tips. I immediately honed in on these two:

No. 8. Write in baby steps. This is a good exercise and weight loss tip, too: when you don’t feel like writing, force yourself to work for 15 or 20 minutes. After your writing time is up, then you can go play X-Box or watch Friends. Or, maybe you’ll want to keep writing for another 15 or 20 minutes–this “motivation to write for lazy writers” tip can lead to solid writing habits.”

No. 9. Read a book about writing. The more I read about freelance writing, the more I want to work! Find a book about writing that inspires and motivates you – Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott is a good one. “Prep” yourself for writing by reading a passage or chapter before you click on your computer.”

All 10 tips are excellent. I’d earlier done some of the things suggested in several tips, and I think numbers 8 and 9 can be helpful to me now even as a long-time freelancer. I don’t think I’m a lazy writer but I intend to use those tips to become a more disciplined writer.

On the site, you’ll find other posts that freelancers can profit from (check out “11 Types of Articles to Write for Magazines”). I’m always impressed when writers freely help other writers to get published and to become successful. You don’t have to sign up for classes or pay a fee to tap into Laurie’s writing expertise. She willingly shares her knowledge of freelancing on the site. I like that. And I expect to return often to see what’s new on The Adventurous Writer.

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2 Comments on “Here’s Help for Lazy Writers (or Those Who Need Discipline)”

  1. Laverne, thanks for this most excellent review! I really appreciate your kind words, and have been enjoying your blog.

    Now, I’m dying to read the “Eight Magazines That Pay $1 a Word”……I wonder if there are any I’ve not discovered??

    All best,

  2. ldaley says:

    Laurie: Thank you. I was really impressed with your site and figured others could profit from it as well as I.
    Glad you like my blog. It’s one of the joys in my life. Wish I had more time to devote to it.

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