Celebrating One Year of Words into Print

Taking a cue from my friend, Peggy, who is celebrating the first birthday of her blog, Light Green Stairs, I’ve decided to follow her lead and celebrate the one-year anniversary of Words into Print, knowing that, in this case, imitation is intended not as mere flattery, but as a compliment. One year ago today, I posted the welcome message that first sent this blog in cyberspace.

I congratulate Peggy on her very successful and attractive blogs (she has several other blogs in addition to Light Green Stairs) and wish her even more success in coming years.

As part of her celebration, Peggy invited readers to read her seven favorite posts of the last year. I thought I’d share with you my posts that drew the most hits during the year. I must say I was surprised that certain of the posts were popular (who knew that dangling participles would be of so much interest!), and also surprised that several I expected to do well drew few hits. And I was and am pleased with your response to the posts and with all the comments you made.

That said, here are the six posts that drew the most hits for the year:

Seven Motivation Tips to Help You Write More, Sell More

Eight Magazines that Pay $1 a Word for Articles

Five Helpful Websites for Freelance Writers

Six Paying Markets for Short Articles

Grammar, Humor and Dangling Participles

Six Magazines that Welcome New Writers

In my welcome message last year, I invited you to jump in with new topics, opinions, suggestions and your unique ideas about how to make our freelance work better. Several of you did just that, and I’m grateful for your input. The invitation still stands. I welcome more imput and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

© 2008 by Laverne Daley

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4 Comments on “Celebrating One Year of Words into Print”

  1. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I know my blogsphere is brighter with you in it. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom. I look forward to many good reads to come. Peace, Michele

  2. ldaley says:

    Thank you, Michele. You are very sweet. I enjoy your site, too, and always find something inspiring to take away. I’m so glad you’re back. Laverne

  3. Peggy says:

    Congratulations! I also imitated someone else who did fave posts for one year anniversary ; )

  4. ldaley says:

    Thank you, Peggy. The list seemed like a fine way to mark the anniversary. You imitated someone else and I imitated you. Seems like that puts me in good company!

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