Finding Experts for Your Articles

Where do you go to find expert sources for your articles? Whatever the topic, you need to quote people who have expert knowledge about the topic, people who can validate the information included in the article. Unless you quote experts, your article could be viewed as an opinion piece.

Colleges and universities are a great source for experts on scores of subjects, and many faculty members welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge and research with members of the media, including freelance writers. I’ve never failed to receive help from any faculty member I’ve approached when I needed information for an article.

It’s easy to find those experts because most colleges and universities provide lists of faculty members and their areas of expertise. For instance, my local university, the University of Memphis, offers experts in subjects ranging from the Academy Awards to African history, to landscape ecology, linguistics and personal injury law, to pregnancy, world politics and youth development through the arts.

Smaller colleges, such as Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York, also have experts in diverse subjects. At Hudson Valley, for instance, you can find experts in economic botany, public speaking, geriatrics, children’s behavior, and scores of other areas.

You can do in-person interviews or interview the experts by telephone or email. You can choose to interview experts at your local college or university, or select experts from schools at opposite ends of the country or beyond. Several times I’ve quoted experts from Canada in my articles. A google search is sure to turn up experts in any topic you choose to write about.

© 2008 by Laverne Daley

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