My Friend, Ike, and a Boomer Contest

Some people know how to write humor; some don’t. I’m one of those don’t-know-how writers. I’m lucky, however, to have friends who write funny stuff all the time, especially my friend, Ike Martin. (His full name is James Isaac Martin, but Ike seems perfect for his brand of humor.)

Today I happened across Lee Ann Rubsam’s site which announced the Over 50: Still Kickin’ Baby Boomer Humor Writing Contest. There’s a $5.00 entry fee, a few simple rules and an August 31 deadline. I thought of Ike right away and emailed him the link to the site.

The contest is, I think, ready made for Ike, who recently published his first book of humor, “Booming to 60: The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Geezerdom.” One of Ike’s short pieces appeared in the back-of-the-book column of Downtowner Magazine in April.

Then I learned that Lee Ann has a blog just for the humor pieces she writes. If you go there, you can check out the post where Lee Ann gets a phone call from Dave Barry trying to talk her into allowing him to use her writing as his own. Very funny.

I’m not a boomer but I’m eager to see who wins the contest and later on, to read the winning piece on Lee Ann’s website.

© 2008 by Laverne Daley

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