Are There Reasons Why Your Submissions Aren’t Noticed?

If you’ve ever wondered why your submissions aren’t getting noticed, you might want to check out this: “An Editor Speaks Out,” a recent post by veteran writer Sally Stuart.

In her post, Stuart shared a letter from a magazine publisher who revealed candid reasons why many periodicals are no longer accepting freelance submissions. His revelations are an important reminder of why freelancers need to be aware of how we present ourselves and our work to editors.

One example:

“. . . They frequently e-mail simple questions that are clearly addressed in our guidelines. Manuscript mechancs? Forget it–most authors don’t even attempt to comply. Most distressing, however, is that most of the material received is not–even remotely–suitable for our magazine.”

The article covers other areas of what freelancers do, or fail to do, when submitting to magazines, and the list is substantial and enlightening. It is definitely worth your time to read Stuart’s entire post.

© 2008 by Laverne Daley

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One Comment on “Are There Reasons Why Your Submissions Aren’t Noticed?”

  1. From the publisher’s letter in Sally’s post: “Authors who deem their work more valuable than the publisher does and then, on their own, attempt to change acceptance terms and compensation on the acceptance form do not ingratiate themselves to publishers.”

    He’s saying not to try to get better terms? Sounds a little full of himself. But he did make some other good points. Overall, he sounds a little burned out though. Maybe time for a long vacation?

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