Six Paying Markets for Short Articles — Revised

We are very much indebted to a reader who called to our attention the fact that some writers have had negative dealings with Cats & Kittens Magazine and its sister publications, Bird Times and Dog & Kennel. Those magazines were listed as possible markets in the previous post, “Six Paying Markets for Short Articles.”

Indeed, since the previous post, we have learned that a number of writers have had difficulty getting paid by the publisher for their work, or even receiving responses to their inquiries. Some of these complaints are listed in the Whispers & Warnings section of WritersWeekly, the online ezine for writers (

According to WritersWeekly publisher, Angela Hoy:

“WritersWeekly has received numerous complaints about this publisher. Their list of victims is growing and they don’t respond to our inquiries.

We recommend that ALL writers avoid this publisher!”

Angela’s recommendation was dated Dec. 11, 2006. The complaints about the magazines date back to 2003 and we have no way of knowing if any of the writers have been paid since then. We do know that, as of today (Feb. 24, 2008), their web site is still up, so they are probably still in business.

Our recommendation is that you avoid Cats and Kittens Magazine and its sister publications unless you can determine that the publishers have settled all complaints.

It’s difficult to know about the reputation of some publishers so we must be wary when approaching any publications that are new to us. WritersWeekly and feedback from other writers may be our best sources for information about publications that treat writers unfairly. If you know of others, please let us know.

Your comments are most welcome.
Use the listed information at your own risk. Words into Print gives no warranty to
completeness, accuracy, or fitness of the markets, although research is done to the best of our ability.
©2008 Laverne Daley



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