A Look at The Renegade Writer

Revisited: Writers Inspiring Writers

The Renegade Writer arrived on schedule and I’ve spent every spare minute enjoying its wisdom. Finished it early this a.m. Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell have done a fine job on this book. I expected to gain a lot from their writing and I wasn’t disappointed — proving to me once again that, even after more than 25 years as a selling writer, I can learn from others.

What Linda and Diana have done is demonstrate how to break outdated rules by using savvy techniques and up-to-the-minute thinking. They use their own experiences and those of other freelancers to show how to do it.

I’ve used some of their ideas during my freelancing years. For example, I’ve found that a query letter is not always necessary to get an assignment. As Linda says, sometimes an impressive letter of introduction will earn you an assignment. The book even includes a template introductory letter that Linda uses when approaching new online magazines for assignments.

There are scores of tips you can pick up in this book. Here’s one I really like: If a great idea hits when she’s in the car and she can’t juggle pen and paper, Diana uses her cell phone to call home and leave the idea on her answering machine. Now that’s a tip I’ll certainly use!

If you’d like to learn more about the book or take a look at their blog, go here: http://www.therenegadewriter.com/

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5 Comments on “A Look at The Renegade Writer”

  1. chocmoon says:

    I Laverne. I saw that you have Memphis Woman listed on your credits and your blogroll. Did you write freelance articles for them?

    I’ve been thinking of sending in an idea for their Living Green section. I was just wondering what they are like to work with.


  2. ldaley says:

    Hi, Chocmoon:
    Yes, I’ve written several articles for Memphis Woman. Lisa Montgomery is very easy to work with and she has always been receptive to article ideas I’ve sent her.
    I have a big advantage since I live in Memphis and can read every issue and keep up with what’s covered. Let me know if you do get an assignment from her.
    Best regards, Laverne

  3. chocmoon says:

    Thanks Laverne. I’ll let you know if I have success with my article query.

  4. Laverne, thanks for the nice review of our book! I’m glad to hear it’s helpful even for people as experienced as yourself!

  5. ldaley says:

    Thank you, Linda. The book was a pleasure to read.
    The Renegade Writer’s Query Letter That Rock is next on my to-read list (when deadlines settle down a bit). Looking forward to that.

    Are there more Linda/Diana books on the horizon?


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