Welcome to my world of freelance writing!

Expect to go off on a tangent whenever you read this blog. That’s because it will focus not only on freelancing as a business but also on the mechanics of writing and marketing articles, and on copy-writing and copy-editing. We’ll probably deal exclusively with non-fiction here. We’ll even cover non-writing topics from time to time.

The focus may change in the future but for now, on the business side, you’ll find links to articles I’ve written, plus links to publications where some of my articles appeared. Editors and potential clients can come here to see samples of my work and my writing style.

On the mechanics of freelancing side, you’ll find posts aimed at writers, both published and aspiring, and anyone interested in the craft of writing. Here we’ll cover diverse topics that freelancers encounter every day — finding ideas, punctuation, dealing with editors and clients, time management, getting paid what you’re worth (and on time), motivation and more. Feel free to jump in with new topics, opinions, suggestions and your unique input about how to make our work better. I believe we never reach the point when we cannot learn from others, and I’m looking forward to learning from you.

So, welcome to my world of freelance writing. Hope to hear from you soon!

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One Comment on “Welcome to my world of freelance writing!”

  1. laura3272 says:

    I agree. Correcting the aggravating misuse of “its” and “it’s” is sometimes a full-time job, and can be quite tricky when a client insists his or her use is correct. It’s amazing how we can be so sure we know something, such as usage or spelling, and no matter what evidence is presented, we stubbornly cling to our belief that we are right. I keep The Elements of Style and my AP Stylebook close by, just in case I need to provide written proof of a rule. I also like having The Copyrighter’s Handbook around for more proof. (I even have a great old 9th grade grammar textbook on my desk just in case!) And let’s not even get into the argument about ending a sentence with a preposition….

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